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Alessandro Serra is not only a theatre director but also a founder and a leader of the theatre company “Teatropersona”, founded in 1999, so the workshop led by this remarkable creator holds in itself a promise to be valuable and interesting. Serra himself presents the theme of his workshops with Simone Weil’s quote: “When the supernatural enters a being which does not have enough love to receive it, it turns into evil. This is the lesson: ambition is limitless, while real possibilities never are; in crossing them, one falls.”
This year, Alessandro Serra brings to our festival one of his most famous performances – it’s William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”, created in Sardegna Teatro (Sardinia) in the Sardinian language. Acknowledged as the best performance in Italy in 2017, “Macbeth” started touring the world right away, fascinating the audiences and evoking amazement even among the choosy theatre critics. In “Macbeth”, unlike it is lately common, quite the other path is chosen – it’s the synthesis of theatre and the olden, archaic “technologies”. The performance breaks free from time and becomes everlasting research of human existence and human characteristics – and it doesn’t matter if it’s 21st century or Shakespearian 17th century or 11th century Scotland outside, or even if it’s the antiquity of humankind. It’s a performance where carnival and mystery, literature and sound, narrative and ritual, movement and speech miraculously fuse. We will see the performance on June 15, and on June 10–14 Serra will be leading a 5-day workshop for actors, called “Macbeth: Supernatural in Shakespeare”.