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Raquel André (Portugal)

Small Hall
0.50 (without intermission)

Premiere 2015

Author Raquel André
Directors: Raquel André, António Pedro Lopes, Bernardo de Almeida Raquel
Light designer Carin Geada
Composer Noiserv

Cast Raquel André

What is intimacy?
“Collection of Lovers” is Raquel André’s seminal research on collection in performing arts. Just as in 2015 when it had its premiere as now, curiosity on intimacy and its manifestations between two persons drove Raquel artistic choices. Raquel meets with unknown people in unknown apartments and together they take at least a photo that proves an intimacy.
What does an image keep? Can intimacy be listed, described or dissected? If a lover is the one who loves, what’s love then? Is intimacy only a female enterprise? Which kind of collection of lovers could emerge if performed by a male body?