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OKT / Vilnius City Theatre

Small Hall
Duration 1.20

Premiere 2023

Based on the stories by Friedebert Tuglas
Director Priit Pedajas
Set designer Aleksandra Jacovskytė
Costume designer Aleksandra Jacovskytė

Cast: Eglė Mikulionytė, Karolis Norvilas, Saulius Siparis

What would we do if one day we fell under the rule of animals? How would such the unexpected situation change our behavior? The answers to these questions are being sought by the great Estonian director Priit Pedajas together with Lithuanian actors Eglė Mikulionytė, Karolis Norvilas and Saulius Siparis, as they present the production based on the iconic story by Friedebert Tuglas „Popi and Huhuu“. Here, one morning the unexpected event starts the chaotically tragicomic story: the master wakes up and leaves his house where the very loyal dog is waiting for him together with the totally unpredictable monkey which almost from the first moments is aiming for the masterʼs throne. There is a conflict of two cardinally different poles, the dog as the symbol of fidelity, infinite attachment and the will to obey, and the monkey as the embodiment of the unbridled anarchy and the will to rule by all means, even the most radical ones. Could we name this work as one of the dystopias of the 20th century which turned out to be the most terrible development scenarios of the yesterdayʼs regimes? Or maybe this play is exactly about today, as the end of the world does not seem as utopia in the face of the climate change and other disasters? Finally, what is our position in such situation? Is it the consent and participation in the spectacle while embracing the fate, or striving for change?