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Group 59
Group 54

OKT/Vilnius City Theatre
Duration 1.00 (without inermission)

Premiere 2021

Pjesės autorė Laura Švedaitė
Režisierė Kamilė Gudmonaitė
Scenografė, kostiumų dailininkė Barbora Šulniūtė
Šviesų dailininkas Vilius Vilutis
Kompozitorius Simonas Šipavičius
Choreografas Mantas Stabačinskas

Loreta Taluntytė, Kristina Šaparauskaitė, Oleg Dlugovskij, Božena Burokienė, Justina Platakytė, Juozas Čepulis, Mantas Stabačinskas

“Although the topic of the performance is disability, finally it fades before the eyes of both the creative team and the audience. They see only the most empowered and free people who celebrate their own existence, their birth, their very life”, – Director K. Gudmonaitė recounts on the “Feast”, the performance which has been created together with the disabled people.
The disability still hides in the shadows of the social sphere. Ability to understand it requires the closer proximity of both the theatre and the audience, analysing it and trying to hear what the disabled themselves think about the phenomenon of disability. The performers seek to lay bare the concept of normality and to question the possibility of the diversity in human existence, as well as that in human sensations and experiences.
According to the official statistics, the disabled in Lithuania make up around 9 % of the whole population – almost every tenth resident of our country. However, the majority of the people who are not disabled baldly state in the poll that there are no disabled people in Lithuania at all.