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Kaunas City Chamber Theatre
Small Hall
Duration 2.15 (with intermission)

Premiere 2020

Author, director Žilvinas Vingelis
Scenographer, costume designer Paulina Simutytė
Lighting designer Aistis Lansbergas
Composer Andrius Šiurys
Video projection artist Kornelijus Jaroševičius
Plays: Danielius Pancerovas (saksofonas / saxophone), Justinas Žilys (gitara / guitar)
Co-producer “Kosmos Theatre”

Cast: Gytis Laskovas, Balys Ivanauskas, Paulina Simutytė

“Kafka Insomnia” is a visual performance of live music, which tells the dreamy story of a sleepless night by Czech writer Franz Kafka. Is dreaming while awake a creative method, a way of life, a consequence of illness or a major condition for the genius of literary world? The dream created by insomnia and breaking into tangible reality makes F. Kafkaʼs work conditional, full of unexpected images and a sense of prolonged time, premature manifestations of absurdity, existentialism or even surrealism, which go hand in hand with the consistent descriptions found in the school of realism.

“The team is very strong and diverse. Although it’s not the first time we are working together, it is the first time we work with such open material and in such experimental environment. In the world of F. Kafka everything stands still, no one is destined to move out of the current point and at the same time – life at that point is more than we are able to cover. It is literature that raises the need for the organization of relative time on the stage, the importance of image and atmosphere, offering new ways of editing the stage. It’s a menacing flirtation of humour and horror, action and stagnation, sound and silence”, – says the director of the performance Ž. Vingelis.