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Since the start in 2017, “TheATRIUM” is growing and expanding nurtured by people who love theatre madly. Every year the festival musters exceptional performances and creators from around the globe.
This year, the geography of “TheATRIUM” includes Poland, Czech Republic, and Italy. We are proud to open the festival with the premiere of the performance “Between Lena’s Legs, or “Death of Saint Virgin Mary” after Michelangelo Caravaggio”, directed by Polish director Agata Duda-Gracz in Klaipeda Drama Theatre.
The program of the festival is extended with “Triumas” and its alternative art and theatre forms in one of the most popular places to spend summer evenings at – “Hofas”.
Theatre always speaks about the most important things. This year, “TheATRIUM” loudly invites TO BE.