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“TheATRIUM” began in 2017 and is now a significant event in theatre life not only in Klaipėda, but in Lithuania and the whole Europe. As usual, this year’s festival will present the latest and, most importantly, high quality works of talented artists. May 17–22, 2022 after a challenging period “TheATRIUM” brings back one of the most successful projects – Lithuanian theatre showcase, where foreign festival organizers, theatre professionals and producers will be introduced to the most significant works of Lithuanian theatre – 13 performances in 6 days.

An international festival programme will take place from May 31 to June 22. This year’s top-quality programme is highly concentrated. The audience will see the latest production by one of the most famous Italian directors Alessandro Serra “La Tempesta”, based on Shakespeare, as well as Oskaras Koršunovas production “L’oncle Vània” by Chekhov, created together with “Teatre Lliure” from Barcelona and many other great performances.

Tomas Juočys
I am writing this on January 31st, 2022 during my self-isolation, since my family has Covid-19. In 2019 such opening would have been horrible and definitely not inviting to participate in an international theatre festival “TheATRIUM”. Today it’s the reality. Last year we found out that while we have the drive, we are unstoppable – we were among the first theatres to come back with a festival. I write this, knowing that “TheATRIUM 2022” will be the biggest one yet. Even bigger that the one in 2019, when the word “pandemic” was not yet affecting our lives. Klaipėda Drama Theatre takes a fearless step forward. We have to do this, because otherwise it will be the end of our self-improvement. When we are told to stage low-cost small-scale productions, we create the biggest, most impressive performances, drawing full houses. So, when we get struck by the pandemic, we create the biggest theatre festival “TheATRIUM” in history. Because it’s the only way to come out of our pandemic shell! Because it’s the only way for Klaipėda to take its rightful place on the map of European theatres! Last year we already put plenty of effort to create an exceptional international programme and Lithuanian theatre showcase. In the end of May 2022 Klaipėda will become a Lithuanian theatre “marketplace” and in June we will present a truly gourmet international part of the “theATRIUM” festival with various performances by the most significant modern directors. Each year you have been the co-authors of this festival. We invite you all to keep this part this year as well. Theatre festival “theATRIUM” is unique, because its “shareholders” are the people: our audience and our sponsors. We receive less state and municipal funding that any other Lithuanian theatre festival. Only thanks to you we can fulfil our ideas and, hopefully, change the perception of Klaipėda. It’s not some distant province or a region, but a city of vast possibilities, open to new ideas. No matter what life brings us, let’s keep going and creating the future together. Let’s bring the „TheATRIUM“ festival and our city to the next level.
In Friedrich Schiller's poem “Song of the Bell” (“Das Lied von der Glocke”), written in 1798, Schiller describes a long and complicated process of bellfounding – starting with finding the right clay to make a form, casting the bell and, finally, christening the bell and its first tolling. VIVOS VOCO! (I CALL THE LIVING!) – a part of an epigraph from this poem has inspired us to look at theatre from a different angle – to present it as not only a form of art, but as a certain life storage, a communal place. Theatre festival is a calling of the living, a test tolling of the bell.