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Many things in life happen despite us: catastrophes, natural disasters, epidemics, wars. We all wish they would not happen, but they do, and each time we are surprised all over again. Is it really happening without our input? Maybe one of us did something wrong, and most of us simply did nothing when action was urgently needed? And suddenly, the dominoes began to fall, the world began to crumble. Despite us? Oh yes, when the great collapse begins, it no longer disregards anything; it no longer discerns between the guilty and the innocent. But if we take a closer look at the symbol of this year's festival, the fallen-to-pieces Apollo, we can discern another aspect: those pieces, those fragments of a crumbling civilisation, can be readily reassembled. All it requires is diligence and patience. The Japanese have a distinct approach to repairing broken objects called kintsugi, which involves joining the pieces together with gold. Such items become even more valuable than they were in their original state. Lastly, there is at least one thing in the world that happens without our intervention. The name of that thing is a miracle. Not often, but miracles still occur in people's lives. Despite us.