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TheATRIUM 2023
“Dark times” it is said when great trouble befalls the world. When a pandemic is replaced by war, when humanity is balancing on the edge of survival. No one is certain of a bright tomorrow – not even of a tomorrow at all. Physicists would say “Darkness is the absence of light. Therefore, no bright side of darkness exists”. Humanists would say “Not true, there is a bright side of darkness! We can create it ourselves in our heads. Thus learn to resist darkness and defeat it”. British comedians of “Monty Python” would say nothing, just smile ironically and start singing their famous song “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”. The eye gets used to the dark and starts perceiving something. Maybe it is really possible to create the bright side of darkness in the dark? Maybe darkness is not completely pitch-black? Maybe somewhere in the dark, in someone‘s mind, light is already being born; the mightiest pieces of work are being born,