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Song of The Goat Theatre
Grand Hall
Duration 1.10 (without intermission)

Premiere 2021

Author Alicja Bral
Director, costume designer Grzegorz Bral
Set designer Robert Florczak
Composer Maciej Rychły
Choirmaster Paweł Jan Frasz

Cast: Angelika Wójcik, Mikołaj Bońkowski, Przemysław Wasilkowski, Andrzej Pieczyński, Damian Aleksander, Monika Mikołajczak, Olena Yeremenko, Paweł Jan Frasz, Michał J. Bajor, Alicja Bral, Urszula Milewska, Romana Filipowska, Igor Kowalik

A performance inspired by Tytus Andronicus by Shakespeare. Original text and music touch on the problems of moral dilemmas, the extreme cruelty which arises from revenge. Performance, reflects on the universal issues through the individual experiences and reflections of the characters. With this performance, TPK measures the beginning of evil in man. We investigate the wounds from which revenge and violence are born. With this drama, Song of the Goat Theatre continues the process of vivisection of a man who most often becomes a victim of his emotional reactions, which, gaining strength, begin to radiate to his immediate surroundings, and as a result, they embrace entire nations, politics, and religions. Escaping the rhetoric and judgments, the theatre uses the language of metaphors, both verbal and contained in gestures and movement. After the recent theatrical experiments (“Antigone”, “Warrior”, “Apocrypha”), TPK can be called a theatre of anthropological research. Looking for the new perspectives of human behaviour, it has found a new theatrical language that combines multi-layered artistic expression with intertextual dialogue of the classical texts.