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Kyiv Left Bank Theatre
Grand Hall
Duration 3.00 (with intermission)

Premiere 2018

Author Natalija Vorožbit
Director Tamara Trunova
Set designer Yuriy Larionov
Costume designer Kristina Korabelnikova
Music design: Tamara Trunova, Akmal Gurezov
Assistant director Natalia Dubrova

Cast: Kateryna Kachan, Oksana Zhdanova, Anastasia Pustovit, Maryna Klimova, Svitlana Shtanko, Dmytro Oliynyk, Dmytro Solovyov, Volodymyr Kravchuk, Oleksandr Sokolov, Lesya Samaeva, Valeria Khodos, Andriy Isayenko

Performance “Bad Roads” consists of six stories about relationships between men and women during the war.
The play is based on the first-hand experience in South Ukraine of the playwright herself and on the stories of the real witnesses. The main character travels to the grey zone in search for documentary material, but instead finds herself in a situation where victims and butchers can switch places and where love becomes something unreachable.
War is not only about heroes and creating myths. It is more like the real life where there is no longer a border between good and evil. Although there are real people, shattered lives and interrupted relationships, that always leave a grave imprint, even in times of peace, when everything seems fine.
The play premiered in London’s Royal Court Theatre in 2017, and a year later – on the stage of Kyiv Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy. In 2018 “Bad Roads” received an award for best drama and this year creative team was awarded the highest Ukrainian state prize – the Shevchenko National Prize in the “Dramatic Art” nomination.