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Societas (Italy)
Grand Hall
Duration 1.30

Conception and directing Romeo Castellucci
Music Scott Gibbons
Collaboration in dramaturgy Piersandra Di Matteo
Director assistants: Silvano Voltolina, Filippo Ferraresi
Standards written by Claudia Castellucci
Technical director Eugenio Resta
Stage technician Andrei Benchea
Light technician Andrea Sanson
Sound technician Claudio Tortorici
Costumes Chiara Venturini
Stage sculptures and automations Plastikart studio
Costume creation Atélier Grazia Bagnaresi
Latin translation Stefano Bartolini
Production director Benedetta Briglia
Promotion and distribution Gilda Biasini
Production and Tour Giulia Colla
Organization Caterina Soranzo
Technical headquarters team: Carmen Castellucci, Francesca Di Serio, Gionni Gardini
Administration: Michela Medri, Elisa Bruno, Simona Barducci
Economic consultancy Massimiliano Coli

Cast: Valer Dellakeza, Luca Nava, Sergio Scarlatella

Performance 14+

The performance uses loud noise, smoke and bright flashes of lights. Actors smoke on stage

The bond between actor and spectator is tightened, until there is no longer the slightest distinction. The performance coincides with actual life. The roles are no longer to be prepared, but verified. There is no improvisation, only the abyss of an absolute present.

This performance calls for the participation of a large group of anonymous men. These men – called in from the street – are the unquestioned protagonists of the show, despite being unaware of it. Each of them, in order to participate in the show, has to sign a list of behavioural indications and promise to abide by it strictly. The rules set out their duties as “actors”. Even after signing, the “actors” remain unaware of the performance.
A few minutes before the show begins, each “actor” is given a police uniform and a headset device. When the curtain rises, the “actors” must meticulously carry out the orders they are given over the earphones. These commands are received individually. Each policeman learns his orders in real time. Each action is to be done within the time defined by the order. The source of the orders remains offstage and cannot be seen by the spectators.

Co-production with: Kunsten Festival des Arts Brussels; Printemps des Comédiens Montpellier 2021; LAC – LuganoArte Cultura; Maillon Théâtre de Strasbourg – Scène Européenne; Temporada Alta 2021; Manège-Maubeuge Scène nationale; MC93 Maison de la Culture de Seine-Saint-Denis; ERT Emilia Romagna Teatro Italy; Le Phénix Scène nationale Pôle européen de création Valenciennes; Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen; Holland Festival Amsterdam; Triennale Milano Teatro; National Taichung Theater, Taiwan.