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Danės str. 8


Free event

The windows and doors of the Lithuanian Theatre showcase will be closed during the night at HOFAS. Jaroška, an electronic dance music creator from Vilnius, will use skillfully woven sound threads to control hormone levels and the amplitude of body movements.

By masterfully combining elements of electronic music, Jaroška creates dynamic and immersive soundscapes. His music has a magnetic quality that draws listeners into a world of happiness and unrestrained energy. Bold and innovative, unique musical style of Jaroška is both authentic and a reflection of shared experiences.

Jaroška is an innovative musician who does not follow established norms in the world of electronic dance music, constantly striving to push boundaries. His music comes to life through expressive words and tones, leaving a lasting impression on those who have the pleasure of hearing him. The undeniably talented Jaroška has already secured his place in the colorful history of electronic dance music.