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United Kingdom

Grand Hall
1.00 (without intermission)

Keeley Forsyth is a composer, singer and actor.
Forsyth’s music is centred around a singular, emotionally raw and magnetic vocal delivery, by turns devastating and uplifting. The characters who populate her songs tell stories of the high and low tides; of freedom and entrapment, of hard-won triumphs and the darker corners of domestic life.
Her debut album “Debris” (2020) is an intimate document of personal change, an outpouring of candid, haunting lyrics detailing the seismic ruptures which take place behind closed doors.
Forsyth’s second album “Limbs” (2022) deploys a more expansive palette; pulses and drones feed back into her voice. The result is clearer and more spacious. The critical response to her albums has been unanimously positive, “The Sunday Times” declaring her debut “one of the most remarkable [albums] in years” and “The Guardian” describing her work as “a shivery descendent of Scott Walker’s “Tilt”, a more unsettling older sister of Aldous Harding’s “Designer”. She recently scored Maxine Peak’s “Incompatible” (2023).
As an actor, Forsyth will appear in two films from Academy Award Nominee director Yargos Lanthimos and “Club Zero” from Palme d’Or Nominee director Jessica Hausner.