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OKT / Vilnius City Theatre
Small Hall
Duration 3.50 (su pertrauka)

Premiere 2022

Author Anton Čechov
Translated from Russian Sigitas Parulskis
Director and scenographer Jokūbas Brazys
Costume designer Karolina Fiodoravaitė
Lighting designer Mykolas Olšauskas
Composer Mantas Mockus

Domantas Starkauskas, Sofija Gedgaudaitė, Gerda Čiuraitė, Džiugas Gvozdzinskas, Digna Kulionytė, Augustė Šimulynaitė, Džiugas Grinys, Karolis Norvilas, Audrius Antanavičius, Aurelijus Pocius

“The Seagull” by Jokūbas Brazys is a performance that will return to your dreams. The young director succeeded in turning a classical play into a metaphysical dream that deeply touches and transforms our consciousness. The thing that at first seems unfinished, suddenly appears to be an experiment that exceeds the limits of the stage. The swamp, which after the drink with Trigorin Masha playfully tramples together with her own fate, draws in all of us and makes us restless, urging us to relive the drama of the family – and ourselves in it.
“The Seagull” was born out of the creative experiments of the students of the same theatre course. From the beginning of the performance, you feel like a member of the group, you merge with this group; become their close relative, like a dormitory neighbour. What is significant about this performance is that the main character in it, embodying all possible experience, is the whole group of actors working as the huge motor of young energy. In such a milieu, the actions of one actor affect the actions of another. The whole performance swings between total immersion with the naked (in a true sense) action on the stage and the dissociation at the moments when the text prevails. In the middle of the swings is silence – the utter silence that makes you imagine drowning in the atmosphere of the collective dream. The silence in which the whole energy comes very near to the spectator and shows its magic power.
While participating in the experiment, which excites your senses, you hear every word written by A. Chekhov and feel that the play was written for today and dedicated to you. You feel the metaphysics of the text, the intensity of which does not cease. What also does not cease is the struggle of burning passions, the continuous searching for the sources of love and creativity. In the play, there was a discourse about tearing passions, creative searchings, changing time, the promises and realisations of the future; the performance embodies that discourse. The director and his actors could not choose a better possibility of the farewell to the past and the salutation of the future.


Jokūbas Brazys – theatre director of the young generation; student of Oskaras Koršunovas and Eimantas Nekrošius.
In 2021 he completed directing studies at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater (course director O. Koršunovas). He assisted O. Koršunovas in creating the plays “Remyga” and “Othello”; created performances based on Moliere’s “The Misanthrope” and William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”; A. Chekhov’s “The Seagull”, P. Shaffer’s “Equus”. In 2023, February, the premiere of the play “The Thick Notebook”, based on the novel of the same title by A. Kristof, took place in the Klaipeda Drama Theatre.
“The Seagull” is a diploma work – for which, in 2023, in the “Best Actress” category Digna Kulionytė, who plays the role of Masha in the play, won “Golden Stage Cross”.
J. Brazys has collaborated with some international festivals: “Face Theatre Festival” (Hungary), “Volta On Line” (Lithuania), “Theatre Olympics 2019” (Russia).