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Group 59

VšĮ Meno desantas
HOFAS, Naujoji uosto str. 3, Klaipėda
Duration 1.10 (without intermission)

Premiere 2020

Authors: Virginija Rimkaitė, Tadas Montrimas
Director Tadas Montrimas
Scenographer Kristina Voytsekhovskaya
Lighting designer Julius Kuršis
Composer Rita Mačiliūnaitė
Mentor Matteo Lafranchi (Effetto Larsen, Italija)

Performed in English. Level of English language proficiency required – B1 or higher.

Both technically and in content unique performance-game “NO FAKE*” examines the relationship between members of society in the reality of fake information. The creative team of the project explores the phenomena of lies and manipulations that provoke destructive activity: how does information affect a person and his perception of the world? How does a lie become a cause of mass aggression? Can we still ignore fake information and, if so, do we not become too indifferent to the truth?
The spectator in this performance is both an active participant and an observer. Each spectator who comes to the performance will randomly receive a specially prepared smartphone. The spectators in the performance are oriented in space with the help of Telegram messages. “NO FAKE*” models a variety of life-like emotional situations that each viewer experiences individually, sometimes while watching from the sidelines and sometimes being the center of attention. These experiences promote the development of critical thinking and the ability to look at information from different perspectives. They also show how emotions make us see fake world as the real one.