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Theatre “Open Circle”
Duration 1.30 (without intermission)

Premiere 2022

Author Gabrielė Labanauskaitė
Director Ieva Stundžytė
Scenographer, costume designer Laura Luišaitytė
Lighting designer Pijus Vasiliauskas

Giedrius Kiela, Benita Vasauskaitė, Jurgis Marčėnas, Justina Smieliauskaitė, Matas Pranskevičius, Vesta Šumilovaitė

In the tragicomic play “Real Estate Drama” by Gabrielė Labanauskaitė, one of the most talented and active creators of Lithuanian dramaturgy, the playwright, with light subtle humor, sharply and inquisitively observes, evaluates and depicts to what extent personal wishes and dreams (in order to buy one’s own home) are controlled by stereotypes of an ideal life, which are used by real estate service providers. The play “Real Estate Drama” reveals the manipulation of the real estate infrastructure with utopias and stereotypes, and shows the mechanism of the capitalist trap, in which the weaker, socially and financially insecure part of the people are the most affected. This social theme of the play has become even more relevant during the pandemic period of recent years, with the rise of the real estate price bubble and the desperation of people trying to protect their finances and recklessly investing in any real estate, while young people face the capitalist absurdity of trying to get a loan from a bank and buy their own home. The play “Real Estate Drama” has already won the international prize for playwrights in 2021 Heidelberg (Germany) theater festival “Heidelberger Stückemarkt”.


Director, actress, and teacher Ieva Stundžytė not only directs but also actively creates roles in colleagues’ performances, writes plays, and since 2010 teaches at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater, she is the associate professor at the Faculty of Theater and Film, Acting and Directing department.
Ieva Stundžytė studied acting at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater: in 2006 obtained a bachelor’s degree, in 2008 – Master’s degree. Later, she started postgraduate studies in directing and, also at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater in 2010 obtained the qualification degree of licentiate of arts. In 2006, together with her study friends and course leader, actor and director Aidus Giniotis founded “Open Circle” theater, and since 2017 began to lead it. Ieva Stundžytė has created seventeen roles in the performances of “Open Circle” and Keistuolių theater; as an actress, she has won two Golden Stage Crosses (2006 and 2007). As a director, I. Stundžytė creates performances in “Open Circle” and Keistuolių theater, in 2022 she has also directed a performance in the State Drama Theater of Šiauliai. She has staged more than twenty performances. Along with world dramaturgy classics and interpretations of contemporary plays, her own play productions hold an important place in her repertoire. I. Stundžytė has written six plays and three stagings.
Ieva Stundžytė is one of the most talented and interesting theater creators of the middle generation, with a long-term experience in acting, directing, teaching, and experimental laboratory creative work.