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Vilnius City Dance Theatre “Low Air”
Small Hall
Duration 1.10 (without intermission)

Premiere 2021

Author and choreographer of the idea Airida Gudaitė
Director Jonas Tertelis
Scenographers: Renata Valčik, Emilis Šeputis
Costume designer Renata Valčik
Lighting designer Julius Kuršis
Composer Agnė Matulevičiūtė
Sound director Ignas Juzokas

Greta Snitkutė, Arminas Kazanavičius, Rokas Bugys, Ugnė Laurinavičiūtė, Grėtė Vosyliūtė, Elena Milaknytė, Beatričė Šaltenytė, Emilija Giedraitytė, Barbora Mickutė, Aura Šriubšaitė, Saulė Bučiūnaitė, Smiltė Kavoliūnaitė

“me two / We, the Clique” is a dance performance for youth that has gained recognition among critics and the audience with its brave, sincere, powerful stories, music, and scenography.
The story of the show is built on a group of young dancers exploring their personal experience with power relations, LGBTQ+ developing identities, sexual harassment, and power abuse towards them, which urges belonging to The Clique, and the necessity to share. The audience is invited to revisit teenhood through the lens of a spectator, a parent, a teacher, a decision-maker and to reflect on the boundaries of power in interpersonal and intergenerational relationships.

About the creator

Airida Gudaitė is one of the most prominent female choreographers in Lithuania, the co-founder and artistic director of the Low Air Vilnius City Dance Theater. The creator’s field of interests is multifaceted: A. Gudaitė is looking for a lively, today-questioning form of dance and movement in the landscape of contemporary dance, which is combined with elements of visual art and radiates unique aesthetics. A. Gudaitė aims to rethink the artistic power of dance and influence the audience, and thus communities.
Many of A. Gudaite’s dance plays and performances are created together with her creative partner Laurynas Žakevičius. The duo presents themselves under the creative name “Low Air”. Dance performances created by A. Gudaitė are selected and presented at festivals in Europe, Asia, USA: “Festival de Danse Cannes” (France), “Seoul International Dance Festival” (South Korea), “Nuuk Nordisk Culture Festival” (Greenland), “Westwind Festival” (Germany), “Dancestages Shanghai Dance Festival” (China), “Internationale Tanzmesse NRW” (Germany), “Suzanne Dellal Center” (Israel), “Sadler’s Wells Theater” (England), etc.
A. Gudaitė’s bold expression, which deals with sensitive topics, is also reflected in the latest dance performance for young audiences “me two / We, the Clique”, which is a meeting point for talking and questioning adults’ position of power and their relationship with future generations. The concept of safety is explored – what environments, contexts, or tools enable a safe conversation about topics that are often silenced, such as sexual harassment, sexuality, identity search, the future. The performance was awarded the “Golden Cross of the Stage” as the best 2021 Lithuanian theater performance for the young audiences.
A. Gudaitė together with her creative partner Laurynas Žakevičius, have created over 10 dance performances, shows, social actions, for which they were awarded 3 “Golden Crosses of the Stage”, the Boris Dauguvietis earring – for a successful search of new forms of stage expression by combining street dance and theater in performances and pedagogical activity changing the face of contemporary dance in Lithuania (2017). In 2017, A. Gudaitė was awarded the Lithuanian Contemporary Dance Association Award and the National Young Artist Prize of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.