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A surprise from the international theatre festival TheATRIUM: a workshop led by legendary Russian theatre director Dmitry Krymov (Russia). This long-planned occasion has been delayed a few times for various circumstances and finally we can state it will definitely happen.

Dmitry Krymov (born 1954) is one of the most interesting and significant theatre directors in Russia. He started his career in theatre as a painter-scenographer. Krymov created scenography for more than 100 performances, including legendary “Othello”, “Tartuffe” and “The Misanthrope” directed by his father Anatoly Efros.

Later, Krymov suddenly left the theatre and for more than a decade devoted his work exclusively to fine arts – painting and graphics. His artworks from that period are exhibited all over the world.

In 2002, Krymov was invited to teach scenography at GITIS (Russian Institute of Theatre Arts), where he started directing performances – not with professional actors but with future scenographers. Those performances provoked a furor in the Russian theatre world.

Following the invitation from Anatoly Vasilyev, Krymov established his own theatre laboratory – a Drama Art School. Today, Krymov’s performances travel to various theatre festivals, they’ve been awarded with numerous “Golden Mask” awards and other prizes and became a separate theatre phenomenon – a distinctive and unique type of visual theatre.

The masterclass will take place in Klaipėda Drama Theatre, it will run for three days – June 27 to 29.